This is an endurance trail, with moderately long runs interspersed with boxing drills, dips, lunges, and other creative strength-building exercises. We take it to another level with a sprint up and down the hill.


This park has plenty of space, which means your Sergeants have infinite options for training you! With us, it will never be just another Walk In the Park. Parks will never look the same again.


The average person this looks like just a typical monolith of concrete and stone. But to us its urban terrain, that with a little creativity, can be the setting for one awesome workout that you will feel for days.


The stadium seating is ideal for creative “outside the box” exercises. Modified leg squats and push-ups, sprints up and down, and of course our favorite boxing and kicking drills.

KIB building

Downtown Boot Camp’s Headquarters (HQ) is conveniently located located at 1029 Fletcher Ave., in the same building as Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB). There is plenty of parking – a private parking lot is available in front of the building. This is our bad weather and winter location. During the Spring, Summer and Fall, we make use of some of Indianapolis’s best outdoor locations to get a challenging, full-body workout.

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