Each week, we offer the challenge of twenty-one, sixty-minute classes. How many you accomplish each week is up to you. Our exercises are done to a time limit; this allows each person to achieve their personal best each and every time. The Sergeant (Instructor) leads each exercise and rotates through the group to provide one-on-one attention and personal instruction.



    Boxing classes are fast paced and fun!  High intensity intervals that go from 1 to 3 minutes with lots of strength and cardio. Boxing is a fantastic way to work off weight, gain muscle tone all while having the best time doing it. Class goes by so fast it leaves you wanting more.

    Boxing classes are fantastic for:

    The workouts are fast paced and including: 
    -Circuit training
    -Speed drills
    -Strength training
    -Kicking and punching drills

    You are going to sweat!

    Sorry, no sparing

    Ready to loose weight and stress?



    Boot Camp Classes are open to ALL fitness levels. Downtown Boot Camp has created a high intensity interval fun fitness class that has you looking forward to your workouts!

    Most exercises are done for a time period rather than a count; this allows each individual person to perform at their personal best with every exercise set during the class.

    Boot Camp class curriculum is made up of sports drills including: football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, track and field, boxing as well as military and martial arts experience.

    The location for Boot camp classes rotates each week between four parks different located around downtown Indianapolis. Each location offers a different terrain and therefore a unique class, this allows for the most diverse curricula of any Boot Camp class in Indianapolis!

    Get the body you have always wanted in our outdoor classes!



    Downtown Boot Camp Offers the Only Kettlebell Class in Downtown Indianapolis!

    There are no vanity muscles here; Kettlebell delivers lean, tone and strong muscle. Kettlebell will bring out fantastic muscle definition along with strength and cardio that you didn’t know you possessed. Kettlebell classes are approximately 60 minutes in duration and have a different curriculum with each class. You will never look better and be tougher than when you workout with kettlebells.

    Ready to get Twice the Results in Half the Time?

  • OCR


      "With the experience and knowledge gained from five years of running Obstacle Course Races ranging from 5 to 30+ mile races, I developed a curriculum that will prepare you for ANY Obstacle Course Race; you will finish in the top 20% of your race. You will look forward to every class."                             -Todd Beattie, Owner and Lead Instructor


    OCR Class is a workout that is "outside the box".  Every class has a different curriculum that will kick your butt!  Lunges with sand bags, log carry, traverse walls, climbing cargo nets and much more.  Downtown Boot Camp has the only indoor obstacle course in Indianapolis.  This keeps you head and shoulders above any competition in your Spartan Races, Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash competitors.

    OCR class members regularly place in the top 1% of their age groups in their Obstacle Course Races.


    Downtown Boot Camp has the ONLY indoor obstacle course in Indianapolis.

    If you enjoy running Spartan Races, Warrior Dash or Tough Mudder this is a class you will love! OCR (Obstacle Course Race) class is like doing a one hour Spartan Race or Warrior Dash each week. This is the class that you take to be head-and-shoulders above ALL the other runners in an OCR. The OCR class is so much fun you don’t realized how hard you are working out.

    You won’t find this class anywhere else in Indy

    Ready to burn a lot of calories?

    This is the black belt class of physical fitness!

    Due to the intensity of the class each person must pass a qualifying test to attend the Obstacle Course Race Classes.