What is Downtown Boot Camp?

Downtown Boot Camp is one step from having you very own personal trainer. Each instructor gets to know you personally and your fitness goals. Downtown Boot Camp has created a community that works together in motivating each other and being held accountable in your workouts.
Our classes great escape from the daily grind for the professionals of Indianapolis. We provide invigorating workouts, stress relief, and a fun atmosphere for individual one-on-one and group fitness classes. We strongly believe that fitness is something to be enjoyed – working out doesn’t have to be another chore that landed on your to-do list.

Downtown Boot Camp is head-and-shoulders above traditional gyms and cardio/aerobic programs. We break away from the artificial gym environment and conduct our boot camp workouts OUTDOORS in good weather and/or our awesome indoor fitness center.  Our curricula brings you new and exciting curriculum of exercises in each and every workout. You’ll burn more calories with us than in a regular fitness gym, so you’ll attain your fitness goals faster!

Our Classes

Boot Camp
Downtown Boot Camp has created a high energy fun fitness class that has you looking forward to your workouts! Classes are geared for people from beginner to advance person. Learn more.

Kettle Bell
Kettlebell class is where the real weight lifting lives. There are no vanity muscles here; Kettlebell delivers lean, strong muscle. Kettlebell will brig out fantasic muscle definition along with strength and endurance that you didn’t know you possessed. Learn more.

Boxing classes are fast passed and fun! Class goes by so fast it leaves you wanting more. Boxing is a fantastic way to work off weight, gain muscle tone all while having the best time doing it. Learn more.

If you enjoy running Spartan Races, Warrior Dash or Tough Mudders this is a class you will love! The O.C.R. (Obstacle Course Race) class is like doing a one hour Spartan Race or Warrior Dash each week. This is the class that you take to be head and shoulders above ALL the other runners in an OCR. Learn more.

Programs & Services